Welcome to DepressionSelfHelp.com. My name is Juli Lawrence and I run ect.org. I recently purchased this domain and added it as another “sister site” to ect.org. (The other “sister site” is zaprap.org, the ECT discussion forums.)

I’m not a self-help guru and I’m not a believer that you can pull yourself up by the bootstraps when you’re seriously depressed. I DO, however, believe that you can and should take responsibility for your illness as best you can, make life changes when appropriate, and explore all avenues of help.

If you’re a candidate for electroconvulsive therapy, then I don’t think St. John’s Wort is going to heal your depression. It’s probably helpful for minor depression, but not treatment-resistant major depression (TRD). That’s the kind that leaves you unable to function, unable to communicate, not really wanting to live anymore. If you’ve been there, you know exactly what I mean.

I’ve been in that hell hole more than once and there’s no easy answer. If there were, I’d bottle it, give it away and top Oprah in the do-gooder Olympics. What I do know is that there are things to try when antidepressants aren’t working. (Or the side effects are unacceptable, or you simply don’t like the idea of psychiatric medications.) Some, like the goggles, seem silly but are apparently based in some science. Others, like fish oil, are relatively cheap and have some hard science to back up their efficacy. There are many depression treatment alternatives to try, but always remember that one size never fits all.

This site is an offshoot of ect.org because I was getting a fair amount of traffic from people looking for information on fish oil and other alternative depression treatments. It seemed logical to split it off. At ect.org, I often am faced with decisions of including items that have nothing to do with ECT. Yet they’re important issues to me. So this is where I’ll put those items. It’s also a new place I can blog a little and not agonize that I’m straying too far from the original goal of ect.org: to share information about electroconvulsive therapy.

I’m going to try to stay away from general politics as best I can because I’m so opinionated, and talking politics is a good way to get pigeonholed as Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. But I do occasionally have the need to make a point unrelated to ECT, maybe even nothing to do with mental health issues. Mostly, though, I have thoughts and ideas about mental health and the politics of mental health. So depressionselfhelp.com is a hybrid: a place for self help info, but also a place for me to rant now and then. Or rave.

This site is configured so that the depression self help items appear on the front page (in chronological order, from newest to oldest). If you want to read my blogging entries, you’ll have to click around.

I’m glad you’re here and as always, feel free to drop by the forums and chat.