Canadian Girl Murdered by Dad for Not Wearing Hijab

There’s no point in rehashing the whole story. Is it a human rights violation? Yes it is, because this poor girl lost her life by not pleasing daddy dearest, who insisted she wear hijab.

You probably missed it in the mainstream media because it’s on the list of things the MSM does not cover. They have their own “No Fly” list, only it’s secretly called “The Topic Non Grata List,” and is only known to certain members of the secret cabal. I know the secret code and have been able to get a peek at the list.

I remember a decade or two ago, a young Palestinian girl was killed by Daddy Dearest while Mommy Dearest watched. (No Wire Hangers! Only in this case it was You MUST stop hanging out with black dudes and working at McDonalds.) You know that old proverb, right? It says: Tis better to be a suicide bomber and blow up an ice cream parlor than work at McDonalds and if you disagree, we slit your throat.

Anyway, this happened in St. Louis and the whole damn thing was caught on tape because Daddio was under FBI survailance for his ties to the PLO. Unfortunately, the feds were backed up and didn’t listen to the tape until later (translator shortage). Ooops, guys, just heard the guy murder his daughter while the family cheered him on.


God, I remember the ladies of the family at one of the sentencing hearings, I think for Mama, and they all wailed and cried what a good mother she was and shouldn’t go to prison.

Um yeah. I guess Susan Smith was a dandy mom too.

Here’s a time I’d love to use the C word (rhymes with hunt), but I won’t. I’ll save that for the nice emails I get that contain it. They’re charming.