Media makes its own rules

The media typically withholds names of rape victims to protect the privacy of that person. Except when it serves a higher purpose, like ratings or ad revenues. Last week the New York Times published the name of a CIA specialist, against his wishes and the wishes of the CIA. … [Read more...]

Fun with media screwups!

It goes like this: Entertainment Tonight, the show that's basically a big butt kiss to the stars, got a fake email that said Brad and Angelina had their twins. (Does that bring the number of children they have up to 100 yet? Wake me when they reach that mark.) They said it was … [Read more...]

NY Times goes cookie cutter on McCain

I knew it had to be: there are issues besides electroshock in which the media uses a template. Roger Kimball has sorted it out: 1. Prissy introductory sentence or two noting that Mr. McCain has a reputation [read “unearned reputation”] for taking the ethical high road on … [Read more...]