B12 Shots

There's been some good discussion on the ZapRap Forums about the use of B12 shots in treating severe depression. Some have found the shots to be helpful when other treatments (including meds and shock) have failed. I have zero experience with the shots personally, although my … [Read more...]

Pick Me Up

When I need a little something special to get me out of the doldrums, I play this video. Anything by Verka is fun, but this is the best of all. This was their entry in Eurovision. [youtube]nOnutQ0qhBc[/youtube] And this one is good too - anything with a chimp in a tutu … [Read more...]

Pets can assist in therapy

MUMBAI/PUNE: Despite having been through several therapy sessions, seven-year-old Pramodini, an autistic child, had never spoken a word until she met Bruno, a Golden Retriever, who handed her a paw in greeting during their first meeting. Ten ball-throwing sessions with Bruno … [Read more...]