Fun with media screwups!

It goes like this: Entertainment Tonight, the show that’s basically a big butt kiss to the stars, got a fake email that said Brad and Angelina had their twins. (Does that bring the number of children they have up to 100 yet? Wake me when they reach that mark.) They said it was confirmed she’d birthed the babies.

True, nobody really cares about ET the show, but Associated Press picked up on it and repeated it. And then because AP is so credible (hahaha), other media picked it up, and before you know it, it’s all true. Angelina birthed them babies.

Except it wasn’t true, and now the LA Times proclaims ET was “victimized.”

WHEN DID BAD REPORTING become victimization???

How about this instead: you all need to suck it up and say “We should be reporting real news instead of this mess. And we’re all a bunch of dumbasses for playing what used to be called the telephone game and calling it hard news.”