Guns and the crazies

Well, I was certainly wrong when I thought the furor would die down after the Virginia Tech shooting, and crazy people could still buy their guns.

I’ll keep it short and sweet.

–Nobody wants a crazy person (or mental defectives, as we’re now called…thanks Congress!) to have a gun and go on a shooting spree.

–Nobody wants ANYONE to have a gun and go on a shooting spree.

Here’s what the Chicago Trib says:

That’s not to say there was no disagreement. Some groups claiming to speak for the mentally ill said the ban would unfairly punish people for a medical condition. A gun-rights group that parted with the NRA said the change would amount to “a denial of a civil liberty, and it’s being done without due process.”

Fortunately, Congress gave those complaints the short shrift they deserved, and President Bush is expected to sign the bill. It will help to prevent the next Cho from carrying out the bloody designs of his disturbed mind.

Anyone who believes that last line is living in dreamland. What it’s going to prevent is some people going for any treatment at all, lest their records end up in a database.

The mentally ill truly are worthless pieces of shit to the rest of the world.