Health Alliance bad insurance company

Perhaps the reason you cannot view the Health Alliance Insurance website unless you have MSIE (which isn’t even made for Mac anymore) is because they have not updated their website since 2001. This means I have to fire up Windoze just to view their crappy site to find some people to yell at, and I resent being forced to use Windoze. I am a Mac person.

That’s what it says. It also says they won some kind of bullshit award.

About ten years ago or so, my mother was in a car accident and broke her ankle and wrist. She had to have some pins put in, and so on, and then was to have some kind of rehab to help her learn how to get around, get dressed, etc. with only one arm and leg functioning. (You never think about this stuff until it happens to you or a loved one.)

The hospital wanted to put her on a different floor, which was rehab therapy. I think just for a few days or a week; can’t really remember. First, Health Alliance was refusing to pay in the first place (because she was in the accident away from home – apparently they require you never to leave your house if you want coverage). Second, they then refused to let her have rehab and tried to send her to a shiteous nursing home in a creepy town far away. It was one of those places you see on TV, probably with patients covered in worms and feces. Not the kind of place you would allow your mother to go to. Jebus.

Lots of diddling around, my uncle raising hell (he’s very good at that, and I wish he were a politician because he’d kick ass…but he’s not that stupid to run for office; he’s also not a thief, which is perhaps a prerequisite for political office in Illinois), and my mom’s auto insurance paid the bill even though they didn’t have to. They did the right thing.