Human Rights Violations Extend Way Beyond Mental Health

Some of the biggest human rights violators preying upon individuals with mental illness/disability (or those labeled with mental illness because it’s easier to beat them up than to admit they’re political dissidents) are: Turkey, Pakistan, China.

But obviously human rights violations don’t just happen with regards to mental health issues. And they piss me off just as much.

We’ve long complained that Amnesty International is, well…..FULL OF SHIT. They pick and choose and base things on their own political agenda. Persons with mental illness are never part of anyone’s political agenda because it’s easier just to turn away and pretend crazy folks don’t exist. And that’s basically what Amnesty International does.

A lot of violations go unnoticed (or more precisely, deliberately ignored) because they might not fit into the current frenzy of a certain kind of political correctness. If you haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere, I have officially said F.U. to the idea of political correctness. I’m sick of it, and even though I’m not entirely comfortable with it, it does extend to bad mouthing persons with mental illness (or more politically correct: persons diagnosed with psychiatric disability). I like the term crazy folk much better and it’s easier to type.

No emails please. As a crazy folkette myself, I’m allowed. It’s like the N word: it’s not okay to use it, UNLESS you’re black and then it’s the cat’s pajamas and you’re allowed.

I am allowed because this is the law of the land.