Network Solutions, starring as Tony Soprano

I haven’t used Network Solutions for a few years. I can’t stand them, and I’ll give a rundown in a minute.

It wasn’t enough that they made it very difficult to transfer to another registrar. Now, if you search for a domain via their site, they’ll put the domain name “on hold” for four days. If you need the domain earlier than that, you MUST buy it from NS. If you can wait beyond the four days, it goes back into the pool and you can buy it from a cheaper/better registrar I heartily recommend Go Daddy.

They claim to do it for consumer protection (rofl), but that’s a load of crap. I’ve searched for domain names so many times, and the name has never been snagged by a broker just because I searched for it. In fact, I’d never heard of that tactic until now. All of the good names are long gone, anyway. (I’ve had some tasty offers for, but the answer is always no thanks.)

No, despite their claims of altruism, it’s just another Network Solutions trick as far as I’m concerned.

I first heard of this trick (I would term it a scam) on the Kim Komando Show. While I’m recommending Go Daddy, let me recommend Kim’s radio show. If your local stations don’t carry it, you can find stations online that carry it. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably got a computer and can always learn something new on her show. I sometimes think she’s a little biased against Macs. (I’ve owned nothing but Mac since my first computer in the late 80s, yet another reason I miss the 80s.) But her show is jammed full of good info, listener calls and more. Plus, listening to her is like smelling a fresh rain in a forest. Refreshing, and she just makes me HAPPY. Kim Komando is FAB-U-LOUS.

Back to Network Solutions. I registered the domain back in 95 I think. At the time, NS was the only choice, and it was $100 for two years – you had to buy two years at a time

They really were no trouble at all (except when I changed nameservers, and that was a PITA), until other registrars got into the game and began to offer much lower prices. I resisted at first, but started hearing good things about Go Daddy and a few others. I decided to give ONE domain a try and see how it went. (By then, I was managing domain names and web sites for a number of people/companies, and was in charge of a lot of domains.)

It was an absolute nightmare. Network Solutions made it very difficult to transfer the domain to a new registrar. It took faxes and phone calls and a lot of complaining. I didn’t use Go Daddy at first; I used another company, and they made managing the domain very easy with a control panel. I liked it a lot! So I eventually switched all of the domains, and each time, it took a lot of phone calls and faxes. It was awful. THEY DIDN’T WANT TO LOSE THE BUSINESS and made it very problematic to change. Most people just gave up, but I get like a pit bull on stuff like this.

I eventually switched EVERYTHING over to Go Daddy because once I used them, I discovered how much control they gave you. Plus, instead of the $35 a year (NS reduced its prices a bit once it lost its monopoly), it was under ten dollars. The second company (I’ve forgotten who) was not the trouble NS had been.

And that’s that. I would advise anyone to stay away from Network Solutions, even if they’re giving domains away for free. They’ll hit you up next year at renewal time. Maybe they’ve changed their procedures, but this latest trick leads me to believe they really haven’t. In my opinion, they’re the Sopranos of the internets, without the whackings.

I have a nightmare story from hell to tell about another registrar, but I need to go through the process of transferring to Go Daddy before I spill. I have a feeling it’s not going to be pretty.

BTW, I’m so crazy about the Kim Komando Show, that sometimes I listen to it three or four times on various internet radio stations over the weekend. I always learn something new.