New York Times Death Rattle

This poor old paper needs to be put out of its misery, but I think it will hang on until its last breath. The paper has become a caricature of itself and most people know it. What’s sad is that the only people who care are other media people. The general public stopped reading the paper long ago.

How long until they put out a press release that Bill Keller has gone on to bigger and better things? Then we’ll find him hanging out at Dan Rather’s station (that nobody watches) and maybe an occasional desperate appearance on the Letterman show.

My standard acknowledgment: Dan Rather was my rock star…and then he screwed it all up because he had a boner for GWB. I understand the chub, but I’ll never understand the recklessness, especially in the twilight of a stellar career.

Bill Keller pitched a tent, too, but his was for McCain. Big yawn, just another wanker who seems very pathetic. New York Times will probably give him a certificate to hang on his wall just before they send out the press release.