NY Times goes cookie cutter on McCain

I knew it had to be: there are issues besides electroshock in which the media uses a template. Roger Kimball has sorted it out:

1. Prissy introductory sentence or two noting that Mr. McCain has a reputation [read “unearned reputation”] for taking the ethical high road on issues like campaign finance reform.

2. “The-Times-has-learned” sentence intimating some tort or misbehavior.

3. A paragraph or two of exposition that simultaneously reveals that a) Mr. McCain actually didn’t do anything wrong but b) he would have if only the law had been different and besides everyone knows he is guilty in spirit.

A couple of months ago, I started a content analysis of media stories on shock. I need to finish that, because it looked like I wasn’t off-base when I said mainstream media (okay, alternative media as well) tends to follow a template when it comes to shock articles.

That’s just plain fun that Roger Kimball has figured out the NY Times’ blueprint so well. Love it!