Fun with media screwups!

It goes like this: Entertainment Tonight, the show that's basically a big butt kiss to the stars, got a fake email that said Brad and Angelina had their twins. (Does that bring the number of children they have up to 100 yet? Wake me when they reach that mark.) They said it was … [Read more...]

UPS – going downhill?

John Stossel has written a number of times about the success story of UPS, showing that private enterprise trumps government department. I agree with him, and I normally agree that UPS is a great example. But UPS is going downhill and service is in the toilet, at least in my … [Read more...]

Health Alliance bad insurance company

Perhaps the reason you cannot view the Health Alliance Insurance website unless you have MSIE (which isn't even made for Mac anymore) is because they have not updated their website since 2001. This means I have to fire up Windoze just to view their crappy site to find some people … [Read more...]