NY Times goes cookie cutter on McCain

I knew it had to be: there are issues besides electroshock in which the media uses a template. Roger Kimball has sorted it out: 1. Prissy introductory sentence or two noting that Mr. McCain has a reputation [read “unearned reputation”] for taking the ethical high road on … [Read more...]

B12 Shots

There's been some good discussion on the ZapRap Forums about the use of B12 shots in treating severe depression. Some have found the shots to be helpful when other treatments (including meds and shock) have failed. I have zero experience with the shots personally, although my … [Read more...]

Why inclusion is required

Imagine the government organizes a new committee to study "Issues Facing Black Women in Contemporary America." The goal of the group will be to study the issues, define problems facing black women today and come up with possible solutions. Now imagine a meeting room, a large … [Read more...]