Subway and Scholastic apparently against homeschoolers

I like to use this little section of the site to spread the word about bad (and perhaps good?) companies, because I believe a big mouth is part of a great free market.

I’m not a mother (by choice) and probably don’t care that much about homeschooling. Except. I do believe there are some real problems in public education, and I think people ought to have absolute right over what to teach their kids. And I also think kids probably get a better education at home.

You have to be a very dedicated parent to invest that kind of time in your kids. God bless.

A blogger I happen to LOVE is speaking out against Subway and Scholastic because they’ve specifically excluded homeschooled kids from a contest. That’s not right, so I’ll give them a mention here. Shame.

Subway’s Discrimination by Dana Loesch