UPS – going downhill?

John Stossel has written a number of times about the success story of UPS, showing that private enterprise trumps government department. I agree with him, and I normally agree that UPS is a great example.

But UPS is going downhill and service is in the toilet, at least in my experience and the experience of friends around the country.

For awhile, I thought perhaps it was just the UPS drivers in my area, but I don’t think so. Reports from others unfortunately indicate its nationwide. In my own case, for the last couple of years, UPS just dumps the package on the front porch, rain or shine. They don’t knock, they don’t get a signature. None of the things I’ve ordered have been expensive items, such as a computer; at most the value has been a couple of hundred dollars. So perhaps a more expensive item would be handled differently.

I do a fair amount of ordering online because I detest shopping. Most often, it is shipped UPS. I know when something is arriving, because I track it online, and I make it a point to be home the day it’s scheduled to arrive.

Since we live on a small, private street, we have very little traffic. Therefore, I always hear the UPS truck, which is loud to begin with. For the last two or three years the UPS driver beats me to the door, dumps the package on the porch and is back in the truck driving away before I can even open the door. He never knocks!

There used to be a day when they knocked, and if nobody was home, they’d leave it with a neighbor or leave a notice on the door. Now they just dump it, even in a rainstorm. I only know the package is there because I hear the truck and I’m expecting it.

My good friend lives in an apartment complex and also likes to order online. UPS drivers are now just dropping things off at the main office, instead of delivering directly to her. Is this a change in UPS policy or it it all just laziness and a change in the attitude of UPS employees? I’d love to know the answer.

Whatever the motivation, it’s frustrating. Frustrating for my friend, because this keeps happening, and then she doesn’t receive her order. When she calls the company, they say it was delivered, and she has to start calling around to find out where it went.

Not only that, the office isn’t that close to her and if it’s a large package, she has to drive to pick it up. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of home delivery?

It’s just not right, and UPS either needs to shape up or get ready to start the layoffs. People will only put up with bad service for so long before another company recognizes the gap in service, offers it, and takes the business.